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China's Real Estate Crisis: A Way Out

Whilst sentiment in China's real estate sector has remained negative throughout the past year, positive progress has been made in moving forward with a restructuring plan, which is encouraging and has been well received by creditors, bondholders and regulatory bodies. 

In recent interviews for Singtao Daily, myself and my colleague Jason Ho (CF&R) shared our views on the ongoing challenges mainland real estate companies continue to face, and provided our insights into the ways out of the crisis to boost market confidence in the sector:   

  • Take care of the different interests in the offshore and onshore debts
  • Understand the needs of the creditors
  • Reignite investor confidence in the sector
  • Consider a transition to an asset-light based business model
  • Work with the Government and Government-led relief fund loans

Read the full article here (September 27):
Read the full article here (September 28):

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